History has shown that great minds have changed the world with their superior knowledge and undying spirit of helping the mankind. Curing humans of pain and illness have evolved vastly but still, there is more to achieve.

History of PEMF

Since ancient times magnet is used to cure various physical problems very effectively. Taking this into consideration, in the nineteenth-century electromagnetism therapy was introduced to the medical world by Nikola Tesla to mend almost every body part. Tesla introduced ‘Tesla Coil’ to his clients, which actually was an electromagnetic gadget. This gadget could be used all over the body to encounter diseases very fast.

Magnetism and electricity in their various strengths became an integral part of the medical courses as a remedial option for weakness, sleeping disorder, joint pain due to inflammation, mending bones and agony. But after a long time, with the suggestions of the western specialists, this support was taken back. It was drawn back because some of the schools in the United States introduced electromagnetic therapies.

PEMF Invented in the Soviet Union

The western world was completely dependent on the pharmaceutical drugs and it wanted to come out of it. The move to shun the complete reliability on drugs took a long time due to political problems and the lethargy that took sixty years to invent some technology that was not dependent on medicines alone. After a long time of research and waiting, the PEMF technology came into existence in the Soviet Union and to-date it has not been yet conveyed to their healthcare system completely. A wide research was also done on magnetic therapy in addition for their space program.

With the separation of the Soviet Union, the government gave a green signal to the PEMF inventions and by 1970 the western countries also started using this technology. Around this time, people started accepting this technology with an open mind and new experiments were done to check the utility of this therapy.

Athletic specialists and professionals were trying new things using veterinarian devices on the topmost players and only in 1979, the electromagnetic fields were utilized on the fractured parts of players with the permission of the FDA. It took ten years to confirm that this treatment is beneficial for edema and pain in the thin soft tissues.


More Benefits of PEMF

PEMF therapy is gaining popularity and doctors are also encouraging their clients to use this technology. PEMF therapy has been accepted by the United States Food and Drug Association and can effectively help in the following ways:

1.      Strengthens the body without any side effects

2.      Speedy recovery in case of sickness, injury, and surgery

3.      Reduces irritation and torment

4.      Reduces stress and helps in good sleep

5.      Treats effectively damaging bacteria, parasites, organism, and infections

6.      Boosts the body to fight against any substantial disease

Almost 25 years ago, the FDA had confirmed that PEMF is quite helpful for bone recovery, stress, and irritation, tackles pain and recovery after surgery, knee pain and even depression. PEMF is significantly helpful to those that need to take recommended drugs for a long time.

Our body is made up of millions of cells which work simultaneously and reach our sensory organs. It is said that a fully grown man or woman may have 45 miles long nerves in their body.

The Working of PEMF

It is the law of nature that all energies are electromagnetic. Whether they are atoms, cells or chemicals, all of them carry electromagnetic fields. Every cell of our body produces its own bio-electromagnetic field. According to science, all the 70 trillion cells of our body work according to electromagnetic frequencies. Everything that occurs in our body is due to electromagnetic exchange and if this exchange is stopped, our life also will stop.

The electromagnetic energy which is also known as material science controls the chemistry or in other words, it controls the working of the cells in the body. Disturbed effects of electromagnetic energy can cause obstructed cell metabolism, whatever can be the reason.

PEMF therapy checks diseases and improves the functioning of the cells giving the body more strength. Here it is important to understand that it is not that only high-frequency EMF devices can provide these benefits. In fact, the low-recurrence PEMF devices are capable of stimulating the cells and tissues of various organs and all this is done without them being ingested.

The PEMFs that are specifically designed for the well being of a particular problem is made to support cell energy, well being and functioning of the cells.

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