How do PEMF Devices Heal?

How do PEMF Devices Heal?

As must be known, all living beings are made of cells. Healthy cells ensure that all organs are working properly. Regular and active tuning-up of cells is an inbuilt process that is necessary for the smooth functioning of all party parts. However, at times, there is cell dysfunction and we fall sick. If the unhealthy cells are not treated within a reasonable time, they may grow up to cause a disease. Fine tuning of the cells regularly in a natural way involves taking in nutritious food, fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You can also fine-tune the cells by using PEMF devices. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field devices which are man-made devices that help in rebalancing the cells dysfunction in liaison with other therapies or separately.

PEMF has been known to work in the following cases:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation, platelet adhesion and the effects of stress on the body
  • Balance the immune system and stimulate the DNA and RNA
  • Improve blood circulation, tissue oxygenation, energy, sleep quality, intake of nutrients, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ability to regenerate the cells and cell detoxification
  • Relax muscles
  • Accelerate repair of soft tissues and bones

How PEMFs work?

Now that we know how PEMF devices are beneficial, there is the curiosity to know how these work. According to science, everything around is energy which is electromagnetic in nature. Our body, through the various cells, tissues and atoms produce electromagnetic fields. There is an electromagnetic exchange between the cells in the body and if this exchange ceases, life ceases. So, in case there are impaired cells, there would be disruption of communication and the disease would set in.

PEMF devices address these impaired cells and try to rejuvenate them to perform their functions as usual. These devices deliver health enhancing electromagnetic fields that stimulate the cells. Once stimulated, the cells start functioning normally. The PEMF devices deliver varying frequencies to the diseased cells. The delivered frequency, no matter how low it is, passes through the body, penetrating the bones, organs and cells, to stimulate the tissues. The stimulation then results in better cellular health and function.

PEMF devices have been used to cure a number of illnesses either alone or in tandem with other therapies. However, care should be taken that the amount of frequency required for the treatment of a certain problem or illness would vary according to the condition of the patient and the severity of the problem. Therefore, one should get the treatment done from an experienced PEMF practitioner.

How to Choose the Relevant PEMF Device?

This is a very relevant question for an individual who is looking for the relevant PEMF device that can help him or her alleviate the problems for which he/she is buying the device. As there are so many PEMF devices available in the market, getting confused regarding the perfect PEMF device that can help you out with your problems is natural. Here are some features that you can look out when choosing the relevant PEMF device:


Features that the PEMF devices must have:

Include Local Applicators: The ideal PEMF device should not only have a central system but local applicators as well. These applicators can be used on specific body zones. As advised, the relatively weak PEMF field is ideal for the whole body while the local applicators with higher fields must be applied to specific body areas.


Full Length Mat: The localized problems in the body can be treated by using specific applicators but the overall body cells can be bathed by a full-length mat that is divided into segments for better portability. The large PEMF field can be used to charge up the entire body, thereby treating general inflammation that results in localized pain.


Sawtooth Waveform: The PEMF device using the sawtooth waveform is considered ideal for the whole-body mat. As the most complex type of signal, that has a rapid rise and fall times, it is best suited for the body as it does not allow the body to fall into a habit.


Pure copper Coils: The PEMF devices using a pair of tightly wound copper coils are considered the best. This is so because they give a pure PEMF signal resulting in deep field penetration.


Strong PEMF field at the Feet: Conforming to the natural way and the Earth’s magnetic field, the PEMF device having the strongest field at the feet is considered the best. Different sections of the mat must be configured with coils of different thickness to provide a strong field at the feet and the weakest at the head.


Wide Rrange of Intensities: When choosing a PEMF device, ensure that it has a wide range of intensities. This is so because such devices are useful for everyone. They can be used by people who are very sensitive to individuals like athletes.

Therefore, when looking for the ideal PEMF device for the treatment of localized pain or other ailments, take care to check the above-mentioned features in the device.

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