With PEMF gaining importance and popularity for the health benefits that it provides, scientists are working to develop PEMF devices with varying frequencies. The idea is to make more people benefit from this therapy.

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Seeing the extreme success of PMEF therapy both in human beings and animals, many devices of PEMF have come into the market to cure various health problems. Each device functions differently for different purpose thus making it easy to select the right device for a specific problem. Here is the description of the leading PEMF device:


PEMF 8000

PEMF 8000 is the most advanced and sturdy device manufactured up to date. It stands high compared to other devices of PEMF. This device boasts of the most developed and technically best parts making it the most demanding unit to guarantee fast and durable results in private homes, clinics, and hospitals.

The PEMF 8000 combats continuous torment at the damaged zones by pulsing the tissues utilizing an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field enables the cells to recuperate the body by obstructing microscopic organism, enhances the intake of nutrients, and takes out the hazardous toxins making this device mare beneficial.

The PEMF 8000 has been proved best in reducing or notwithstanding clearing out never-ending wear and tear of the body just in minutes. One can see a significant improvement in the body and starts feeling better with the initial treatment and they come back for the treatment after an interval of three days.

Along with the customary medication, this treatment can do wonders showing positive results depending from person to person. With the use of PEMF, 75% to 100% recovery has been observed in cases such as solidified joint just taking this treatment for a short period. In order to get rapid results of recovery, there cannot be any better device other than pulse electromagnetic fields, PEMF 8000.

PEMF 8000 Deluxe Mobile Device

The Deluxe mobile device is a 20,000 Gauss device housed in a 42lbs mobile case unit. The mobile unit can be carried anywhere for your convenience. The accessories included in the unit are:

·         Deluxe mattress

·         High tech gel rope

·         High tech gel loop probe

You can set the timer from 3 minutes to up to 90 minutes. The company offers a 30-day free trial offer. While the company will take the product back with no questions asked if you are not satisfied; there are chances that you will not do so because you will be amazed by the benefits that the device provides.

PEMF 8000 Basic Mobile Device

PEMF 8000 is also available in the basic model that has all features that the deluxe device has. Here are the technical specifications of the basic device:

·         Gauss: 20,000 + Gauss

·         Power: 120-240V AC

·         Pulsation rate: 1 – 50 Hz


You can set the time for the usage of the device from 3 minutes to one and a half hours or 90 minutes. There are automatic programs making it easy for you to select the one that is required.

The standard accessories of the device include:

·         Loop coil 12”

·         Butterfly coil 7”

You can take the device on a trial basis and return it within 30 days if not satisfied. We assure you that no questions will be asked. We offer 3 years unlimited warranty and limited warranty for the lifetime making it a great buy.


PEMF 8000E for Horses

If you are the proud owner of horses and are worried about their well being, you can purchase the PEMF 8000E for horses. The device is very popular amongst horse owners and those that deal with race horses. You can use the device to effectively treat your equine before or after the event.

The 20,000 Gauss device is very helpful in providing the following benefits:

·         Relieve the tension of the equines

·         Stimulate the acupuncture points and the lymphatic system

·         Increases the oxygen in blood boosting the performance of the       horses

·         Reduce inflammation and pain post the event

·         Reduces the recovery time taken by the horses

With so many benefits in vogue, it makes sense to buy the device for your horses.

PEMF Magna Pro-E

The Magna Pro E is the ultimate champion when it comes to choosing the best PEMF 8000 device for equine therapy. The device has an intensity range of up to 2.5 Tesla. It is housed in a dust and damp proof case that has 4 inch double bearing steel wheels making it easy to carry it anywhere. The user friendly platform enables you to start the treatment therapy easily. With the PEMF 8000 Magna, you can expect to get the following benefits:

·         Reduced soreness

·         Relief from arthritic pain

·         Enhanced performance

·         Better endurance

·         Faster and shorter recovery time

Purchase the Magna today and be on the winning side!

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