Equines too suffer from pain and stress and since they cannot talk about their pain, it becomes our responsibility to give them the best therapy to relieve them of their pain. PEMF qualifies on this aspect quite well and offers pain relief very quickly and without any side effects.


PEMF Therapy for Equine

Veterinaries, these days are using PEMF, the electromagnetic fields to treat the therapeutic conditions of equines. After doing the research for 30 long years, PEMF therapy is being used for ponies. A great number of horse proprietors, equine advisors, and veterinarians were involved in the long research of electromagnetic therapy, its advantages, and disadvantages, for horses. These days, veterinaries have started prescribing PEMF for equines along with regular medicines.

PEMF treatment for stallions is utilized to direct ultra-fast magnetic waves that encircle the electric charge which resides in each active cell. This stimulation is a way to use PEMF therapy for steeds to recharge the wiped out cells back to normal recuperating them in a healthy state. In horses, PEMF therapy is used to convey a controllable and high-power magnetic charge which is able to enter their muscles and joints. In order to get the best results, PEMF therapy should be strong enough to enter the damaged zones of steeds.

PEMF therapy for steeds is quite popular in stables and at horse shows. There, this treatment is used to cure sore, stiff and hard-working horses. A great number of coaches accept that PEMF treatment enhances the working of ponies. It is noticed by both mentors and proprietors that PEMF brings about improved changes in the way equines, move. Some of the Kentucky Derby victors also utilized PEMF therapy to enhance the performance of their steeds. Using of PEMF therapy for horses, ponies or steeds can bring noticeable change by improving the comfort and health of horses.       

Benefits of PEMF Equine Therapy

PEMF, also known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, is used to revitalize the structure of the cell. PEMF treatment for equines helps in increasing the cellular metabolism ensuring a better supply of oxygen to the cell. In this way, the potential damage to the cell because of lack of oxygen can be checked.

PEMF treatment for equines penetrates deep into the muscles helping compelling treatment for intense muscle soreness. The device is able to radiate measurable magnetic fields from the surface of its loop that can go up to eighteen creeps. This is why PEMF therapy is considered perfect for ponies because it is not established directly on their injuries.

PEMF therapy is also helpful for equines as it can treat different zones effortlessly following various strategies that include TMJ joint, hamstring, psoas muscle, and upper neck. For steeds, this treatment is used mainly in important muscle clusters and joints. PEMF gives them intense cell knead treatment which penetrates further compared to various types of back rubs. Even for the treatment of aggravation and torment in equines, PEMF is considered better over optional drugs.

PEMF Treatment for Horses helps in the Following ways:


1.      Cures ligaments and ligament injuries

2.      Helpful on sore backs, stifles, and shoulders

3.      Efficient for non-union fractures

4.      Constant hock soreness

5.      Bruises from stones

6.      Laminitis

7.      Enhances range of movement

8.      Inflammation in joints

9.      Non-healing injuries


Why PEMF Equine Therapy​ is So Effective ?

There is nothing to surprise when you see that pulse electromagnetic therapy in horses has proved so successful. It not only helps in treating the muscle joints of the racing horses but also helps in soothing the issues like shipping fever. PEMF treatment is being utilized for a long time by vets to strengthening muscles in steeds, zoo creatures, and domesticated animals as well.


It is true that magnets are being used to treat both human beings and animals for ages. But the modern version of magnetic energy PEMF is better as it uses pulse electromagnetic fields instead of static-magnetic-fields. The difference between the two is quite distinctive in terms of treatment and comfort. A reasonable research by NASA and other such research centers shows that human beings and animals are always exposed to the distinctive Earth EMF making sure that both keep on recovering essentially with time. The truth is that PEMF has come a long way and is a powerful therapy being utilizing in equines at present in the following conditions:


1.      Ceaseless pawn soreness

2.      Horse’s sore backs

3.      Tendon damage

4.      Hurt ligament

5.      Soreness

6.      Stone bruises

7.      Various kinds of injuries

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