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What Does PEMF Therapy Mean

The full form of PEMF is “Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields” which stands for using the magnetic field to tackle health issues. This magnetic field produces low and high frequencies which are helpful in treating various health problems. The key feature of PEMF is to enhance the compound energy which helps in recovering the damaged cells and recover the cellular membrane. It also helps in speedy recovery of that particular part where this therapy is used. Along with giving relief, the other benefits of PEMF therapy include pain relief and no side effects. 

Understanding our inner system

In order to understand the working of PEMF along with medicines, we have to first understand the working of our inner body.

The human body consists of millions of cells. We can compare the cells with tiny motors that are charged with fuel which means various nutrients that we get from food mixed with oxygen which in turn charges the cells driving metabolism. It is true that every cell works independently but co-operation between the cells keeps the body going. Marrow cells that are found in our bones produce red cells. Nutrients to our body are supplied through these red blood cells which help in clearing the toxins from the body. In the same way the cells of the kidneys and lever help in cleaning the blood.

The main factor is that we must maintain the cell’s working and energy in the body helps them functioning smoothly. In other words, you can say that electromagnetic interchange between the cells only helps the human body to conduct day-to-day functions. In short, electromagnetic energy only controls our body’s inner science.

PEMF works at a cellular level

Previously, there were only a few theories to support that electric streams actually can help in the tear and wear of tissues and blood cells. But scientists were trying to search a more accurate theory which could work genuinely and be accepted worldwide by doctors. With the development of PEMF, the world saw a revolutionary method to treat the injured cells.

The role of PEMF is to repair the tissues or cells by using magnetic fields in spite of using electric fields. A very special magnetic field is used to produce such electric fields that can handle all problems related to tissues at all levels in the right manner and for a specific time to get a good cellular response without doing any harm to the body.

PEMF works on all the body cells simultaneously which helps in the supply of oxygen flow and nutrients leading to an improved evacuation of toxins from the body. This transformation increases the capacity of the working of the various body parts that too with more effectively.

PEMF therapy not only repairs the damaged cells but it also sends an extra electric charge to those parts of the body which are weak using magnetic fields. When this energy reaches the weak zones, it immediately starts mending the tissues alleviating the body rapidly. The alleviation can happen within seconds or minutes depending on the pulse rate of the patient. 

A PEMF device sends an additional electrical charge to those low energy zones utilizing magnetic fields to convey it into the body. Fundamentally, the gadget sends a ‘package’ of energy into the low energy zones – think about the magnetic field as the envelope and the electricity as the message! Also, when the cells get that electricity they promptly utilize it to mend the body – and alleviation can happen rapidly (inside seconds to minutes) contingent upon the pulse rate!

How is PEMF Therapy Different?

It is true that PEMF therapy is just like TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) which also belongs to the electrotherapy class. But it is also true that this alternative extraordinary therapy is more complex. PEMF is thought to be repairing the cells straightforwardly in a more significant manner without fail. It really is very effective and the results are also very encouraging by improving the bone fracture with a great speed. Its positive and fast impact is also seen in the cases where mending of bones did not work at all.

The scientific reviews in this regard are in favor of PEMF and positive. The PEMF therapy has been successfully utilized for the treatment of fractures and its efficacy is being tested for the treatment of joint pain as well.

Benifits of Using PEMF Therapy

Enhanced General Health

PEMF therapy enhances the quality of life by keeping our body in order. It is beneficial in improving the physical and as well as mental effects of pressure by keeping the functioning of the organs more effectively. In order to keep our body in good health, our body may react even to the smallest characteristics which previously used to end up damaging itself.


Our body is made up of 75 trillion cells which have a particular survival cycle. Some cells are disposed of every day while other may get supplanted in weeks, or monthly or yearly. It becomes important that new cells are produced in the body to keep it healthy. In the same way, it is also important that old cells are destroyed with time. In order to keep this cycle of life going on smoothly and easily, you have to take the help of PEMF therapy.

Enhanced Sleep

Just as a radio recipient changes frequency when higher frequency signals are received so is our brain trained to adjust to a predominant frequency. The cerebrum or the brain can be entrained down by low-frequency magnetic fields. This entraining down causes sleepiness. If the device is connected around the evening time, the mind will get into a sleep mode later with little effort. Therefore, the instigation of the hypothalamus by the magnetic field causes sleepiness.



The other key feature of electromagnetic field therapy is that it protects your body from electrosmog. These are those destructive frequencies that are the result of using cell-phones, electrical cables, microwaves, wireless signals, and hair dryers. We have become so much dependant on them that now it is impossible to escape from these things. They are affecting our body, adding to the stress, and draining our energy.


Since there is no escaping route from electrosmog, we have to find some other frequencies to which our body can adjust efficiently. PEMF can shield our body from these frequencies making our body stronger to face the effects of the electrosmog.


Stress is the biggest threat to your existence. Persistent stress can cause diabetes, coronary illness, exhaustion, joint pain, uneasiness, aging, immune problems and several other problems. Daily PEMF treatment can change the stress levels by acting on the nervous system, tissues, cells and organs and research has proved this.

Taking the PEMF treatment for a long duration will make the body rebuild the tissues that cause stress. Over time, the number of these tissues will become reduce and they will become less responsive. Therefore, PEMF treatment is beneficial in several ways and you can make it a part of your life.

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