The mobile model is made for those who want to move with the gadget, so the gadget is packed in a moving bag. It contains:

Control unit

Single/circle curl

Twofold/butterfly curl

Power Rope

Control Box: 17” L x 14’ D x 26’ H

2.1 Tesla 20,000 Gauss max

Waveform: Square

Weight: 41 lbs

Circle loop: 24-inch distance across, 12-foot lead

Butterfly: 7-inch distance across circle, 12-foot lead

Clock: 3 Minutes to 30 Minutes

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PEMF8000 Mobile Device

10 significant classes of building have made a “Best in class” PEMF device of the 21st century and Beyond! Cleanest “Begin” In the business! Furthermore, Affordable!

The charges made by PEMF8000 high-power attractive fields have been found in research to vehemently profit coagulation, breaks, mental/scholarly issues, immunology, muscle exercises, nerve conductivity, EEG impacts, intestinal motility, skin breath, malignancy counteractive action operator activity, and various other considerable limits. Assistance from an extensive variety of tribulations has been represented after just two or three pharmaceuticals even with this high power PEMF8000!


  • We pass on the best in class systems
  • We offer a multi-day return period
  • We give advancing help from a practicing therapeutic professional with more than 25 years using alluring field devices pulsed electromagnetic field treatment devices and diversions practice based recovery!
  • We guarantee the best assessing
  • We have an expert, considerate staff
  • Made and conveyed in the USA
  • PEMF8000 Mobile Device DELUXE

PEMF8000 Mobile Device DELUXE

It contains our Latest PEMF 8000 20,000 Gauss Device

Additionally Four Professional Accessories

  • PEMF8000 High Tech Gel Loop (Probe)
  • PEMF8000 High Tech Gel Rope
  • PEMF8000 Deluxe Mattress
  • PEMF8000 Butterfly
  • PEMF8000 High Intensity “Paddle Loop”

Reserve Funds of $6000.00 Compared to PEMF 120!


Notwithstanding whether you are an expert wanting to add a technique to your center, an entrant hoping to quicken recovering and improve continuation, or only some individual with an obviously steady prosperity condition, you’ll be bewildered at the speed with which you can achieve quantifiable results – this is bona fide help persistently.

PEMF8000 with common outlining comes unparalleled execution. The updated PEMF8000 offers unparalleled speed of selection, which changes over into a more extraordinary treatment experience. Tissues respond rapidly, a throbbing agonizing quality is relieved, and cell essentialness.


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